Lesson#5: Entering the Program

Before beginning your journey with C++,  you should know all about what it is, i.e. short History of C++.

After the intro, now starting with code::blocks, which is shown step-by-step,

1. Click on “Create a new project”

Entering the Program


2. The following dialogue will appear, click on “Console application”, after which the Go option will be enabled, Click on Go,

Entering the Program1


3. Now, select C++ and click Next,

Entering the Program2


4. Check the “Skip this page next time” option and click Next,

Entering the Program3

5. This window prompts for the title of your program, which is for me “Demo” as its just an intro, you can name it anything you want and click on Next,

Entering the Program4

6.  Now select the new GCC Compiler, and click on Finish,

Entering the Program5


7. The code::blocks already contains a template program.

Entering the Program6


8. How to Build and Run the programs you write?

In Snapshot 1  a toolbar is provided for Building the program and Snapshot 2 shows the menubar tab named “Build” which is a drop-down menu will includes many different options and all those which are provided in Snapshot 1 toolbar;

Snapshot 1:                                                                        Snapshot 2:

Entering the Program7   Entering the Program8

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